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Jeff       lancejefferymills@yahoo.com 2-24-2006 10:59 AM
buy cortunix quail for your shoots need to be in a fly cage for a week to get their wings 2.50 each plus shipping.
thank you
contact me @ lancejefferymills@yahoo.com
STEVE       zacharis@bellsouth.net 7-2-2006 1:09 PM
Russell Miller       millermulesandquarterhorses@msn.com 10-17-2006 3:08 PM
Jeff, I would like to buy some Quail for hunting dog training. Do you have some available now.
Thanks, Russell Miller from Texas.
Aaron       aaron@customhomegym.com 12-28-2006 11:37 PM
I'm also interested in purchasing some quail for hunting dog training. Do you have some quail available?
Tracy Keeton       circlekquailfarm@yahoo.com 5-12-2007 3:56 PM
Flight Conditioned Bobwhite Quail For Sale
Starting Oct.1 thru Dec.31 $3.00
After Jan.1 $3.25
Farm Pick up Only
Rainsville Al.
kyle sutton       kyleboy.123@hotmail.com 8-15-2009 09:14 AM
I know a guy that has a lot of quail but there not bob white.
cyrus       cyrushawkaylor@gmail.com 11-2-2009 1:22 PM
hi i would buy some if you will ship to md i will pay you$4.00 each.
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