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woodswalker       woodswalker21@yahoo.com 9-6-2001 08:36 AM
Has anyone had their trail cams stolen or detroyed?
pat       duckonwall@aol.com 4-2-2006 12:30 PM
a friend of mine had their cam, and their tent blind stollen last fall from a real good spot in massachusetts
Mac       Monaleto@aol.com 10-23-2006 05:36 AM
Had my cam stolen 3 weeks ago. Even welded up a angle iron frame and had heavy chain, and they still cut it off the tree.I would like to see cams with gps chips put in thm so that the cams can be tracked.

Mac from northern wi.
bigrig       brig9@sbcglobal.net 10-4-2009 11:36 AM
I hate thieves. they do have gps that you can put on cameras their just not affordable. Its easier to buy you another one try putting up in tree looking down at feeder with infrared features it wont flash you may also wrap some burlap camo around it to conceal it.
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