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Clint       1-5-2003 11:47 PM
Could anyone explain the proper way. I have done this several years ago.When I got ready this year. I could not remember.I Do remeber it was easy.Any help ??
Luke Roberts       luke. roberts@us.army.mil 1-12-2003 9:07 PM
Yep it is easy. Just pluck off all the feathers off the breast and then take your knife and cut the skin and pull it back to the wings and your ready to cut the breast meat off like nuggets. Let me know I have a good recipe for this.
Jeremy       pezatsea@yahoo.com 9-2-2003 11:39 PM
A good thing to do is to stick your thumb below their ribs close to where butt would be and pull it up as far as you can and with meat shears cut the breast out and throw the rest away, that leaves very little mess and sometimes the breast comes out almost clean.
david       djones@ncchrysler.com 11-5-2003 12:19 PM
Using this method I can clean a bird in less than a minute. I was shown by a DNR officer. It's little animalistic your basically ripping the bird apart. Take your left hand and put your index finger on the sternum and your thumb on the lower point of the breast and hold the bird, take your right index finger put it in the birds throat and your right thumb at its butt, push your right fingers through the skin and into the bird until they meet, pull your hands apart and in your left hand you will have a breast and two wings and in the right your will have the rest of the bird, cut the two wings off with scissors, peel off the piece of skin and your done.
Gustavo       whitewing4274@aol.com 10-27-2008 3:27 PM
I actually enjoy keeping the bird as whole by plucking all the feathers and cutting a line up from the rear or the bird all the way up to the neck, then empty the inards and clean the bird whole, they are great grilled like quail over mesquite coals or fried in a pan like chicken or in caserole style dishes with squash or rice.
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