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Luke Roberts       lroberts103@hotmail.com 9-4-2005 6:51 PM
This year in Indiana in some county's we are to take we are able to take extra deer in the bonus zones. What I am asking for is all deer hunters to come together and help the people in New Orleans ( I hope I spelled that right) With the hunters for the hungry program. Come no guys and gals can you really eat eight deer this year. I would like for some to get this started. If I get e-mails about this then we can meet and see how we can pull this off. We need to get this going now. I know we all say that hunters a good people. So lets put the anti hunters in their place and show them what we are made of. I need all of Indiana's deer hunters to help out. I will need to meet with as many as I can now. E-mail me. So we can get this going
Chuck       cfe53@hotmail.com 9-13-2005 05:14 AM
What you'd need is a coordinator to get a refrigerated truck, and a central collection place that has freezers to store the meat that comes in until shipment is made. Once you have that you're pretty much in business. Advertise on the hunting sites, radio, TV, etc., and collect until you have a truckload, then bring it to a pre-arranged distributor (like the Red Cross) for distribution. Great idea! If you get it going I'll donate.
Luke Roberts       Lroberts103 @hotmail.com 9-13-2005 10:34 AM
Sounds like I good idea that is what I am trying to do but I wish all of hunters in Indiana would jump on the band wagon that way we all could meet and see about getting this going. We all could here in New Albany In and then get this going. I am so glad to here from at least one person.
Dufus       1-5-2009 5:30 PM
Dem folks in n"awlens wont eat nutten but govmt cheese.
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