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td       tdstrt413@aol.com 12-28-2002 8:53 PM
Does any one know how to clean a squirrel or rabbit so they don't have hair on them?
James       email@backwoodsbound.com 1-21-2003 1:41 PM
We received a tip about this. The tip said to wet the fur real good before cleaning. Give it a try. I don't think there is a way to keep the hair completely off though.
azzhandler       azzhandler@aol.com 5-3-2003 02:34 AM
i skin my rabbits and squirrels in the woods, i take along a freexer bag and a pair of meat shears, cut the skin all the way around the animal just behind the front legs, pull both directions at ounce, that will turn most the hide inside out after removing skin i use the shears to remove tail on squirrels then cut off back legs following the tail bone or lower backbone, do same on front legs then use shears to cut away the lowere back and tail piece all youll have left is the back and ribs and guts cut along the back through the ribs and all waste will fall free
Alan W. Olsen       aw_olsen@msn.com 8-22-2003 2:24 PM
After I have cleaned the carcas (SP??) I put them in a big bowl of water with a little vingar, for about 10 min. - don't want to marinate them!
matt       squirrelhunter038@yahoo.com 1-22-2005 4:26 PM
i like to keep the skin. in the cold months, the fur is thick enough to provide good insulation for gloves. at other times of the year, i remove the fur from the skin and make leather from the dehaired skin
how to       11-3-2005 3:17 PM
heck its easy
blake mcwilliams       BigMacM@peaplepc.com 9-30-2006 07:42 AM
hell i dont even know how
Scott VanLare       svanlare189@yahoo.com 10-18-2006 09:18 AM
I just shot my first squirrel and need to know how to clean it if someone could e-mail me some directions that would be great thanks
Glenn       Omgw@aol.com 11-4-2006 10:03 AM
The trick of wetting them first works. Be sure to get them SOAKING wet. The hair won't stick to the meat.
Mark Nolen       weprayzhim@mchsi.com 10-10-2007 6:00 PM
Is there a manual with in detail pictures, and instructions, of how to skin a squirrel and a rabbit? I have skinned quite a few of each but it seems to take me quite a while to get the job done, and when I'm done I have hair all over everything. Not only that, my wife would like for me to try to save the skin of 1 or 2 so that they can be stuffed. Also, I fry my squirrel and rabbit the same way I would fry chicken. Is there a better frying method or recipe? Thanks so much!

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