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Theresa       jtwilliams@wmccinc.com 5-30-2006 5:56 PM
How do I clean a large snapping turtle's shell? I want to use it as a decorative piece.
Andrew       cuttingman423@verizon.net 8-6-2006 9:24 PM
if you just found it dead already just let it rot out and you can dump out the bones to clean the shell ive just scrubbed them with a wire brush in a bucket of soapy water let it soak for awhile first gets them pretty clean if you want to disinfect it mix bleach and hot water and let it sit for awhile.
mike thigpen       mike_thigpen@yahoo.com 10-20-2006 7:15 PM
put it in a ant bed for 2 or 3 days
sarah       litlmrstrble@hotmail.com 6-7-2007 2:19 PM
maybe u should leave the turtle alone. because it doesnt belong to you. life isnt meant to die for your decorative skills.
chris       6-16-2007 4:22 PM
umm if she caught it , its hers. preferably its a snapper and she make
use of the meat. if you kill it you eat it.... if its not of the ediable sort
i would cut it lose...as life is precious!!
Carlos       carlosmen_687@hotmail.com 7-16-2007 12:20 PM
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shawn       deadangelman@gmail.com 5-26-2008 11:48 AM
i cant figure out how to do it without bugz but my uncle wants me to gut it wut do do?
shawn       deadangelman@gmail.com 5-26-2008 11:50 AM
i cant figure out how to do it without bugz but my uncle wants me to gut it wut do i do?
Angie       JsnThrntn@aol.com 5-27-2008 06:49 AM
I have buried them for a few months to let the bugs eat it but cracked it trying to dig it up or lost the spot i put it in. Couple weeks ago I found the best way was to scrape as much as you can them pour table salt in the bottom to get between the cracks then rock salt to fill the rest. After a few days dump the salt, scrape, and fill w salt again. A few more days and you'll be good! The sun can help dry out the rest. Scrub it good and bleach the inside. I put elastic straps on the shell so my boy could be an awesome ninja turtle! The meat was delicious n gone before I could get it out the pan!
Turtle Lover       turtlelover@mac.com 2-13-2009 3:02 PM
This website is terrible! You suck turtles are people to! How could kill her for your home!! She will haunt you FOREVER!
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