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Andrew V       clipsforu@yahoo.com 5-20-2004 8:48 PM
Modify your inexpensive unreliable high capacity Mini 30 mags into 99.9% reliable mags!!!!!!! The technique is easy to follow and requires minimal tools!!!!!!!

Since it is so hard to find quality high capacity magazines for the Ruger Mini 30 (cal. 7.62x39mm) (Even if you do find a reliable one be ready to lighten your wallet by quite a bit) So, I discovered a technique for people to use to modify lesser quality magazines into extremely reliable magazines. This technique requires minimal tools and is relatively easy to do. So if you are fed up with malfunctioning magazines try this out because the results are very satisfying! You can order this 11 step, 3 page, illustrated manual for only $9.95!!!! Email me at clipsforu@yahoo.com!

Note: This manual is for informational purposes only. The author is not responsible or liable for any wrongdoings as a result of individuals applying this technique!

julian burnsed       8-1-2004 5:09 PM
julian burnsed       julianburnsed@bellsouth.net 8-1-2004 5:17 PM
When you state that this procedure can be accomplished with a minimum of tools, specifically which tools? This is a frustrating problem every time I go to the range. I am interested in obtaining your instructions.

Thanks Big J.
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