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After The Shot Trophy Plaques


Africa Touch 'n Trophy Plaque  The Touch 'n Trophy Plaque, is another unique addition to our line of hand-crafted After The Shot Trophy Plaques.

 These distinctive plaques feature a cut-out of the state, country, or continent of your choice where you can then mount a piece of your trophies tanned fur/hide through the back allowing you to then touch and feel it from the front.

  With the Touch 'n Trophy plaque you’ll not only be able to see the differences in animal furs but you’re able to feel the distinct differences in their textures as well. You can mount practically every kind of tanned fur in it like deer, rabbit, fox, elk, antelope, mountain lion, bear and even zebra! The possibilities are endless with the Touch 'n Trophy!

The maximum size of the Touch 'n Trophy is 12" wide by 18" high. Depending upon the desired cut-out they may be smaller to keep it appealing to the eye. For example, the Africa plaque above measured 12" wide by 16" high and the Illinois plaque measured 12" wide x 18" high.

Illinois Touch 'n Trophy Plaque

Price $72.95
Add a gloss clear-coating to your plaque for Only $10.00!

Fur/hide and engraving is not included with the Touch 'n Trophy Plaque.
Make sure to specify the state desired in the comments section on the order form.

All of our plaques are made to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. Longer for larger orders.

Due to the increasing cost of lumber we have been forced to raise our prices.
We'll continue to monitor the situation.

Send any questions to: sales@backwoodsbound.com.

To order by Check or Money Order simply choose that payment method during checkout.
Then print order and mail. It's that easy!

TROPHY TAGS Metal Placards

Metal Placard For Plaques.
Approx. Size: 1" high x 3" wide.
Now you can add all the information about your trophy with our Trophy Tags metal placards! Made from brass with black lettering, they will add that final touch to all of your trophies. Easy to install! No holes to drill or nails to drive! They conveniently stick on!

Offered in two sizes; 1 1/4" x 3 1/4" with three lines of text or 1" x 3" with two lines of text. We'll contact you after receiving your order to get your information for your placard.

Order yours for only $15.00 each!

Due to our supplier closing, the Trophy Tags are unavailable at this time.


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